7 x 20mm-35mm Chakra Tumblestone Key Ring & Lapis Lazuli Wand

7 x 20mm-35mm Chakra Tumblestone Key Ring & Lapis Lazuli Wand


Britain-E-Spheres Crystal - 7 x 20mm-35mm Chakra Yogic Tumbled Gemstones and Crystals Key Ring Collection (Root (Base) - Red Jasper / Bloodstone, Sacral - Carnelian, Solar Plexus - Yellow Quartz / Yellow Aventurine, Heart - Green Jade, Throat - Blue Aventurine, Third Eye - Lapis Lazuli, Crown - Amethyst) Tumblestones Tumble Stones in a Velveteen protective Pouch and 1 x 50mm-55mm Lapis Lazuli Usui Reiki Single Point Crystal with Gold Symbols Gift Set Healing - Item images are taken close up (magnified) ***please carefully check approximate dimensions within the title and listing for size and weight of product***


The Root Chakra says, "I am here and I love life." It is associated in many mythologies with dragons and serpents, which are also related to kundalini. The Sanskrit word Muladhara means root or support. The Sacral Chakra says, "I feel." It's influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood. It is related to sweetness. In fact, Svadishtana is said to be translated as "sweetness" or "dwelling place of the Self.


The Solar Plexus Chakra says, "I act." It is related to the breath. "Manipura" in Sanskrit means "lustrous gem." This chakra, the third chakra, is considered one of the "lower" chakras because it is in the first three of the seven major chakras. The Heart Chakra says, "I love unconditionally." It is related to touch, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. The Sanskrit name for the Heart Chakra means "stillness" in the sense of wholeness beneath the movement of the universe.


The Visshuda Throat Chakra says, "I express my truth clearly." Visshuda in Sanskrit means "purity" or "purification." This chakra, the fifth chakra, is considered a "higher" chakra because it is in the top three of the seven major chakras. The Ajna Third Eye Chakra says, "I see." Ajna in Sanskrit means "perception" or "beyond wisdom." This chakra, the sixth chakra, is considered a "higher" chakra because it is in the top three of the seven major chakras.


The Saharara Crown Chakra says, "I am One." This chakra, the seventh chakra, is considered a "higher" chakra because it is in the top three of the seven major chakras. Dieties: Ama-Kala, Inanna, Shiva.


    Usui symbols - Cho Ku Rei (pronounced choo-koo-ray) - The Power Symbol. Place the power of the universe here. Essentially this power tool is the tool to help enhance the functionality of all the other tools. It keeps negative energy at bay and helps empower the user to be more effective, the tools to be more productive and the environment to be cleansed. Sei He Ki (pronounced Say-Hay-Kay) Mental/Emotional Symbol. God and man become one. The bond between the body and the mind is inseparable. A physical ailment often times is related to a mental disturbance and likewise the opposite can be true. This symbol directly links the brain and the body as one, as being the source of ailments. Hon Sha Se Sho Nen (pronounced Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen) Distance and mental symbol. No past, no present, no future. This symbol is essentially the bridge that connects the soul and the body. It can be used in distance healing, regardless of time and space. In other words, a healer who wishes to treat a patient who is not present can utilize this symbol to create and send energy anywhere, anytime. Dai Ko Myo (pronounced dye-ko-me-o) The Master Symbol. Considered the most important symbol by many Reiki Masters, Dai Ko Myo awakens the patient to a new sense of strength and wisdom. This symbol is used to heal the soul and bring about enlightenment and a profound sense of connectedness. The Master symbol can ignite significant life change and heal diseases at the source. As a tool, the Master symbol helps to nurture your soul and physical body while it encourages you to do the same for others. This is the most commonly used symbol. Images are representative of product that will be sent.


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